Meilee’s Meccanoid Robot

Meilee asked Santa for a Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot. It was not inexpensive, but when your Hello Kitty-loving, math-averse daughter asks for a programmable robot construction kit, it’s hard to say no. We try our best to bust gender stereotypes in our home, encouraging both kids to enjoy a range of activities and toys. Still, there is a blue-pink divide that persists. I did internal cartwheels when Meilee started talking about this robot. The construction required so much focus and I was heartened to see a project capture Meilee’s attention so deeply.

Pure joy.
Meilee started construction on Christmas Day and completed the first build a couple of days after that.
There were robot parts all over the living room floor.
Meilee watched several videos to help her with the construction.
The look of satisfaction and joy.


Doing “kung fu” with the robot.
Dancing with Robot.
Tinkering with Robot’s arm. There would be much tinkering over the holiday break, because parts would come loose or she’d realize she installed a piece incorrectly.

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