Perfecting the Headstand

Meilee has been practicing how to do a headstand. She doesn’t take gymnastics, so this is something that she initiated on her own. She usually practices in the living room and has learned that she has core muscles and that they can get sore if overused. It was a lovely July morning and we decided to go to Woodinville to check out the lavender festival. The beautiful lawn inspired Meilee to practice, which then led Shen to attempt headstands, too.







Learning to Ride on Two Wheels – aka a Physics Lesson

I got the best Christmas gift ever from my kids. Meilee encouraged Shen to attempt to ride his bike without training wheels. (We took the training wheels off earlier this summer and promptly had to re-install them.) He agreed. And what happened over the course of three days was not just a lesson in physics (Shen fell many times), but the realization of many of the “good-human” qualities I have tried to instill in my children: teamwork, supportiveness, persistence, love, joy, and an understanding of the reward of having accomplished something.